WILTSHIRE musicians entertained injured and sick servicemen and women in Tidworth on Saturday for the first Tedfest.

Several acts performed at the inaugural music festival at Tedworth House, Help for Heroes’ recovery centre, for residents, staff and members of the Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters, which have provided life-long support to those with a career-limiting or ending injury, or illness, since 2001.

Musician James Duggan said: “It is always great to perform, but to have the opportunity to perform here in this setting, and for all these amazing people, is truly awesome. I have performed at Tedworth House before and am thrilled to be here today to support these amazing guys and girls.”

People brought picnic blankets and food and stayed all afternoon to enjoy the entertainment.

Other artists performing were 13-year-old Mason O’Brien, Benji Clements, Taran Stormes Martino, Jet Luckhurst, Aidan Moore, Jules Brogan, Jamie R Hawkins, Rob Bowden, David Waddington and Barney Goodall.

Centre manager Giles Woodhouse said: “Events such as these allow our wounded, injured and sick to come together and have the opportunity to socialise with other in similar situations and facing similar challenges.

Following a hugely successful summer fete a few weeks ago, we are delighted, thanks to Marland Music Management and the hard work of a number of amazing volunteers, to be holding the first ever Tedfest.”