IDENTICAL twins from Amesbury have released their debut album.

Christie and Louise Miller, who perform under the name Millers Daughter, released their debut album So Hollywood on Monday.

The pair were invited to join the My Major Company label in 2011.

This resulted in a crowdfunding project where they raised enough money through their fans to record their album.

The band had a great year last year – they released their debut single Since You Left, which had impressive radio airplay on BBC Radio 2 and commercial stations, and performed on the ITV daytime show This Morning.

Music has always been important to the identical twins. They were bought guitars for their 11th birthdays and taught themselves to play. They started writing their own songs in their early teens.

Christie and Louise took a BTEC music course at Salisbury College and played gigs in pubs and clubs. They worked at Stonehenge selling ice creams to tourists to fund studio time and equipment.

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