AUDIENCES can play a real part in inspiring a musical treading the boards at Salisbury Playhouse.

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical runs on the main stage from Thursday, April 20 to Saturday 22 and is a theatre production with a difference as the title suggests. It is all improvised from audience suggestions.

As co-creator and director Adam Meggido explains: “Showstopper is a musical with everything you expect from a musical in that you get big song and dance routines, loveable characters and interesting storylines but the only difference with our show is we are making it up on the spot. It is improvised from audience suggestions."

The audience are asked where they would like it set and what music they would like to inspire it, then the theatre fun begins.

“You never know what you are going to get – sometimes you can get some really surprising things," says Adam.

"What we try and do at the beginning of the show is try and work with the audience. We try and encourage the audience to dream big and they come up with great ideas, really amazing."

Showstopper! has performed more than 800 shows and "everyone is totally different". It also picked up an Olivier Award.

"It is exciting and it is a good kind of danger. The reason why theatre should be successful is because it is dangerous in that it is live, you are absolutely there where anything could happen," admits Adam.

"You don’t have the safety of the TV screen or the cinema – it is meant to be a little bit dangerous. Anything could happen when it’s live which is really the strength of the show. Not only can anything happen but we show you how anything can happen. The audience get to control what happens or steer us or nudge us or challenge us.”

There is no enforced audience participation so theatre goers can just sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

“I am thrilled, I love Salisbury and the Playhouse and always wanted to come back. It is even better to come back with my own show.

“For those that would like to shout out a few things come with ideas of what would make a great musical or interesting musical or a musical you genuinely want to see." says Adam.

"Hopefully the Salisbury audience will come up with some great ideas of where to set a musical. Who knows what they are going to come up with."

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