A RISING star from Laverstock has been successful in getting a coveted performing arts scholarship.

Starcast student Aaron Campbell, 15, was offered the scholarship at Wilkes Academy.

Aaron has attended Starcast Performing Arts since he was 10-years-old and trains in dance, drama and singing.

He attended Move It, a dance convention in London for all aspiring performers, and was scouted in a dance class and given an invitation to attend an audition for Wilkes Academy.

During his audition he had to perform a solo dance, sing a song and take part in dance and drama classes.

After the audition he was interviewed by Jonathon Wilkes himself who offered him a place on the spot with a scholarship.

Last month he got the letter he was waiting for to see what kind of scholarship he would be offered and he was absolutely delighted to read it was a full scholarship with three years training.

The principal of Starcast, Samantha Holloway, said “I am so very proud of Aaron. It proves that dedication and discipline deserves our respect, that you can achieve your dreams if you are diligent, focussed and loyal to the people in your life you want the very best for you”

Last year Starcast student Emma Dearden was also successful in auditioning for Wilkes Academy. Emma is now in her second year and loving every minute of it.