SALISBURY Arts Centre’s latest exhibition explores differing approaches to portraying a sense of self and interpreting identity and sexuality.

The exhibition opens on Saturday (September 23), 2pm-4pm.

It coincides with this year’s 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act, the landmark moment when private homosexual acts between men over 21 in England and Wales were decriminalised in 1967.?This exhibition showcases some of the most critically acclaimed LGBTQIA artists in the UK alongside those who are earlier on in their careers.

Featured artists include Sadie Lee (curator), Matthew Stradling, Roxana Halls, Sarah Jane Moon, David Gwinnutt, Michael Petry, Sunil Gupta, Charan Singh, Jason Ford, Sarah Pucill, Richard Sawdon Smith, Annie Attridge, Atalanta Kernick and Anka Dabrowska.

Sadie Lee, curator of the exhibition, said: "Although consenting acts of love between men are no longer punishable by law in the UK, equality still has a way to go and incidents of hate crimes, attacks, bullying and abuse against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex+ people in this country and around the world are all too regular an occurrence.

"Exhibitions and events can highlight inequalities and help educate and inform beyond the communities they represent, through shared lived experiences. By supporting and celebrating diversity in all its forms in municipal spaces and galleries we are ensuring that we progress towards a society which is inclusive and doesn’t exclude or fear difference, but values every member and respects the rights of everyone equally."

Paula Redway, the director of Salisbury Arts Centre, added: "We are very proud to present this unique and exciting exhibition. The artworks and catalogue represent the talents and accomplishments of some of the most critically acclaimed contemporary LGBTQIA artists in the UK alongside those who are earlier on in their careers.

"It is a rare opportunity to see the diversity of styles and approaches of 14 very different artists who express their versions of themselves through multi-media, painting, photography, sculpture, conceptual installation and film.

"We hope that the audiences will find In Your Face enlightening and that it will spark more conversations and inspire more people to express their selves in future."

In Your Face: Queer Artists’ Versions of Themselves runs until Saturday, November 4. Entry is free. Exhibition hours are 10am-3pm, Tuesday-Saturday.

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