YOUNG comedian Andrew White is embarking on a new stand-up show.

The first performance of Work In Progress is tomorrow (Friday, December 15) at South Wilts school hall, 7.30pm.

Andrew is 18 and attends Bishop Wordsworth’s School. He has been performing for three years and his one-man debut, It Was Funnier In My Head, went on a mini-tour of the South Coast, including three performances at Salisbury’s Studio Theatre, before a successful run at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe.

He said: “Now, having turned 18, I embark on a brand new show, exploring what it means to be an adult and the world I am now “grown-up” in. It will take a comical look at learning to drive, partying, keeping fit, bigotry, and the strange political environment we are currently in. It’s a show that’s not afraid to talk about what life as really like for a teenager facing the ‘real world’. Through stand-up, poetry, and even experimental mime, it will be an enjoyable and hilarious hour.”