A GROUP of musicians are bringing “mongrel rock” to Salisbury in their new guise as Lump Music teacher and Pye Shoppe frontman Colin Holton dreamed up the new band one night in the pub while chatting with friends.

“The whole reason to put it together was I had lots of songs lying around on bits of paper and in the back of my head that wouldn’t be suitable for Pye Shoppe and I thought I’ve to do this even if they don’t work.”

He got together Colin Watterson, Frogg Moody, Fiona McWilliam, Matt Elliott and James White to create Lump, which he describes as the self-proclaimed kings of mongrel rock and new saviours of rock ’n’ roll.

“Mongrel rock is a mish-mash of every genre and just seeing what comes out the other end. I press-ganged them all into it, I wanted to do something with new people and, apart from Frogg, I’ve never really played with the others before. It’s just fun.”

The group were due to play their first gig at The Old Ale House in Crane Street on September 22, but after the pub’s closure last week, their first gig will now be on October 5 at Winchester Gate, with support from local band The Dirty Skanking Love Hornets.