LONDON is a heart-warming and unusual piece of drama.

Simon Stephens’s play grasped the audience’s attention throughout its short 55 minutes After being handed a pair of headphones as I entered the theatre to see a woman lying on a bed on the stage, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The play is set in the capital of the title, and focuses on a couple in love, individually reflecting on their past together.

It was executed well by dedicating the first-half to an emotional and depressed Helen.

And in the second half it focuses on Alex, who shares with the audience his love for Helen by looking back on moments in their relationship.

The cast of two, Abby Ford and Cary Crankson, had no room for error in a work that put the spotlight solely on them, and they rose to the challenge with their powerful performances.

Both deserved the standing ovation they were given.