I WAS one of the 120 or so people who crowded into the Guildhall on November 6 and listened politely as the authorities made the case for closing Hillcote.

I then listened to Angela Scott as she systematically demolished the case and exposed the manipulation of demand for the service that had taken place.

The meeting and the subsequent local area board were unanimous in their opposition to the proposal. All speakers from the floor supported her.

The decision to remove it from the next CCG agenda seemed wise, especially as this meeting was in Salisbury. Isn’t it odd that the proposal has now returned unchanged to a meeting that will take place north of the Plain?

With better care for premature babies many more disabled children are now surviving and demand can only increase. This cold-hearted decision to impose further stress on family carers in south Wiltshire is wrong.

Anne Trevett, Salisbury n IT seems so utterly wrong that a few people who make decisions from their plushy Wiltshire offices can change the lives of so many families.

Apparently all the children who need Hillcote facilities are to be found foster carers.

To my knowledge, the Salisbury area has problems finding more than a few.

So what happens now? I hope and pray that the stress doesn’t do too much to these wonderful parents trying to cope with little or no respite. Shame on you Wiltshire Council.

Alix Ricketts, Bishopstone