IT was encouraging and timely to read the piece by Christine Nielson (SJOpinion January 9).

As the curator of the Young Gallery, I have long held out the hope that the redesigned market square would provide a turning point on many fronts, not least in the visual arts.

For many years I have been playing around with the idea of the ‘vacant plinth’. Such a simple idea but providing a transformational experience.

Setting aside the logistics etc, it seems to me that it would be an illustrious way to develop and enhance a famous city, such as Salisbury. Indeed great cities and the arts are inseparable.

I agree with Christine; we need a stimulating environment in which to live and work and attract visitors.

We need, as a city, to be looking forward and capitalising on our assets.

I would welcome having several plinths available and starting a serious yet playful arts conversation.

Let’s make 2014 a transformational year for this distinguished city.

Peter Riley, Curator, Young Gallery