I MUST take issue with Cllr Patricia Fagan who expressed her horror at ‘the disregard for the residents’ that the increase in city precept implied (Journal, January 14).

I would wager that any resident, if asked whether they wanted the precept to rise would answer in the negative.

But they might have concluded that a small increase would be acceptable had Cllr Fagan explained that in order to keep the precept down she and her political group planned to cancel the summer event, cancel the carnival, slash the budget for the Christmas lights switch-on and delay any improvements to the parks and public conveniences amongst a host of other cuts.

I contend that £15/year at Band D (an increase of less than 29 pence/week) is acceptable in order to maintain and improve our services, especially as those councillors who approved the increase also made firm their intent to make no further increases for the next two years.

Cllr DW Brown

City Councillor, St Francis and Stratford Ward