IT is good news to see that both our MPs, John Glen and now Claire Perry, are interested in the problems relating to both the A303 and the Stonehenge Centre, the latter receiving bad news in the press. Perhaps they might make both English Heritage and the Highways Agency take note of the many problems we locals have had to suffer over the last 30 years of bungling and terrific financial cost to the nation.

As a World Heritage site, it is most certainly the worst presented I have ever seen. It is also the most expensive to visit, as most are almost free other than the parking fees sometimes incurred.

The thousands that now travel to pay homage to the stones as well as those travelling patiently towards the south west have to face queues on the A303 throughout the year.

We have been told time and again it is not possible to paint yellow boxes at the Countess roundabout and yet that is possibly the cheapest alternative to keeping the A345 open and passable. Red tape? Or just block-headed and with no concern for local motorists.

It is going to get even worse. Durrington, Larkhill and Bulford are to expand, with increased housing for our troops. The initial planning is now in process for some 1,400 houses.

Amesbury will have, in the next two years, one of the largest distribution centres in the south. It will bring more than 1,200 jobs into the area. Amesbury could potentially become quite grown up by bringing good business to the area and its town centre.

What has the Highway Agency done? Planned for the present not the future with a ‘make do’ job. They should have listened and observed the fears of locals and planned for the future.

I think there is a lot more to come yet to our area in the way of improvements. Let’s hope they listen and take notice of us.

John Wigglesworth, Durrington