THERE have been many comments about the soldiers returning from duties in other parts of the world and how they will fit in.

We have a very diverse army and they will fit in anywhere. There will be no lack of work for them to come home to; there has never been a better time for them to return to these shores.

Our farmers need all the help they can get - they are so far behind with planting and such.

I believe they can also help in police matters; these soldiers are trained to deal with people and problems and adverse conditions.

Military medical staff can fill spaces in our hospitals when there is a shortage of doctors and nurses.

Perhaps they could help to build more reservoirs to store gluts of water, and deal with great pools of water that lie on roads, especially where there are no street lights.

These lakes on roads can cause terrible accidents if they are not clearly seen.

Imagine breaking down in the middle of these deep pools, and a lorry coming along and running into the back of your car, very nasty.

I believe we need to keep troops trained up and on standby for terrorist attacks.

We’ve all been caught out by flooding, will we be ready for terrorism? I think not.

Why keep making the excuse that we need more migrants with skills.

Who are more skilled than our soldiers?

We need our military personnel more than we’ve ever needed them - to rebuild and help those who have suffered severe flooding.

Might I also ask why our troops were not sent in more quickly to help ease the distress of flood victims?

We have so many of our own problems in this country, and I have not noticed many nations around the world that put their hands in their pockets to help us out.

I think it’s time to realise that charity begins at home.

Let’s get our own house in order and when we’ve done that get back to helping other countries.

I do feel concern that in some places we send aid that the wrong people get it. And are we helping to fund terrorism?

The people for whom aid is intended never seem to be any better off, even after years of us ploughing money and aid into these poor places for destitute people.

Josie Smith, Shipton Bellinger