IT is sad to see that Sainsbury’s, who, by wishing to build a superstore in our fair city, and thus loosen the grasp of Tesco have selected such a contentious site.

The scale of the project, given they intend to store the equivalent of five Olympic swimming pools full of water underground for gradual release into the river and alter roads and roundabouts means they are pretty optimistic that they will impinge heavily on Tesco's custom.

However, for all the hyperbole about how the flooding will be alleviated and a nature reserve made with clear views to the Cathedral it is still, in my opinion (and probably of many others) not the right place to build.

Whatever they do to help stop flooding, the fact remains that it is a floodplain, and nature’s way of allowing seasonal rainfall to lie and gradually disperse into the earth and filter down into our water table.

It is also probable that whatever road improvements they make, this trunk road into Salisbury and beyond will become ever more congested.

Please Sainsbury’s, we want your superstore in (or very near) to Salisbury but surely there is a more suitable alternative site.

Brian Ford, Bemerton Heath

REFERENCE the Journal article of February 27, “supermarket plan will cut flooding claim”, I will award the developers of this proposed site 100 per cent for persistence.

So now they are using the misery caused by the flooding to the public, birdlife, and livestock as a positive reason for themselves to create this multi-million pound development of not only a supermarket but a large petrol filling station and a wildlife and wetlands area, I will comment on the fact that the bird sanctuary created on the Somerset Levels did nothing to cut the floods there.

Much has been said regarding this proposed and undesired development and it would appear that the only people who want this to go ahead on this particular site are Sainsbury’s themselves.

I would like to suggest that Sainsbury’s conducts a poll in the town centre to find out how many shoppers would welcome this going ahead.

Jacqueline Exley, Salisbury

I think there must be something wrong with Mr Culverhouse’s brain (Journal, February 27).

The area earmarked for a new Sainsbury’s store is currently flooded by several billion gallons of water.

Very simple maths would suggest that the provision of a few Olympic-sized swimming pools (approx 600,000 gallons) could not possibly have any measureable effect on alleviating the potentially devastating water displacement and subsequent damage to those nearby, caused by half a square mile of concrete development next to a floodplain. People of Salisbury, you have been warned. Unless you wish to wear Wellingtons for the rest of your lives, do not let this development go ahead.

Ben Jordan, Salisbury

WHY not let the people of Salisbury vote on whether they wish to have another supermarket along the already over-congested A36 trunk road at Petersfinger?

Joan Baker, Salisbury