I HAVE been meaning to write to the Journal for some time about the proposed building of a Sainsbury’s store in Southampton Road, and was delighted to read the letters sent in by Sylvia Barnard and Jenny Gee in last week’s edition.

I agree with everything they say – but the most important point is the one which the developers themselves are making about why they need to go to this particular site. “We need to compete on an equal basis with Tesco” and therefore can only do this on the site in Southampton Road.

What utter rubbish. I for one will never go to Sainsbury’s if it is built out on the Southampton Road and I know of others with the same view.

Why can’t they investigate other sites – The Old Manor, UKLF in Wilton, land to the north of Fugglestone Red or even stay around the central car park development where they have Waitrose as a nearby competitor?

Well done to Hamish Mundell and Richard Clewer – I am sure you collected a lot of support with your petition on Saturday.

Philippa Bell, Salisbury