HOW many car parking spaces are needed in the Maltings?

The answer is lots if there are plays on at the Playhouse and Salberg, an evening concert at the City Hall and a piano recital in the United Reformed Church.

The bureaucrats in Trowbridge are determined to take our Maltings car park and coach station and replace them with retail. As if we haven’t got enough already. Why destroy the coach station?

Tourism is where Salisbury derives much of its wealth.

Luckily the city council rescued the Tourist Information Centre.

But the bus station has closed and they had a good go at closing the youth hostel.

Are we going to let them destroy the tourism income from our coach station, remove our car parking and thus close the Playhouse and City Hall?

They are only interested in providing a retail experience and using it as a means to destroy Salisbury and the facilities its inhabitants enjoy, and make Trowbridge the ‘top city’.

Alan Clarke, Salisbury