MR Job (Postbag, April 24) was very fortunate.

On Thursday, April 24 I left home at 8am from Charlton All Saints and arrived at Milford in Salisbury, a distance of about six miles, at 8.45am.

If you travel to Salisbury on a week day morning you can have the pleasure of studying a largely vacant bus lane all the way to the Coombe Road, after having queued for some time from beyond the Britford dip.

You may be privileged to see possibly one park and ride bus, maybe two taxis and a motorbike in it as well.

You can also ask yourself ‘shall I go in the bus lane or not?’, as some do and then sail through the lights and off down Newbridge Road as well, in no time.

I am given to understand that a substantial amount of money was allocated to allow one to enjoy this privilege.

Thank you Wiltshire Council, I and obviously many other motorists, cannot benefit from the park and ride if the journey is not into the centre of the city.

Your readers may also be interested to know that in Plymouth my son recently entered the bus lane 30 yards early at 8.30pm, with nobody about, to enter McDonald’s and was duly fined £60, thanks to a strategically placed camera.

Michael Chandler, Charlton All Saints