AS we shut the doors on the Salisbury Pop Up Gallery in Butcher Row, I would like to thank everyone who has come in and enjoyed the space as an active gallery.

It has been such a fantastic opportunity for us as artists to have been given an unused space in a busy central area of the city to use.

These last seven weeks have been invaluable to all us artists, and have also brought more visitors to Salisbury.

Yes there is a market for affordable local work, made and produced by local artists and, yes, after a lot of cuts to public arts funding, people are missing seeing art.

Artists need to be nurtured and supported and this venture also gave the business owners back some of their business rates by having their unused shop occupied.

I don’t think it’s a way out wild idea, that Salisbury could have more currently unused buildings becoming studio or workshop spaces or community galleries.

I have seen it in other towns and cities already and it brings visitors and excitement.

Kate Buttimer, Salisbury