I AM pleased that the Support our Paras Day at Old Sarum Airfield was a success. Speaking as a local resident, many of us would like to see more of these days.

But many local people who turned up on the day felt that it was part of a PR campaign for the so-called “regeneration programme”.

One opinion given to me was that it was a day of wining-anddining for local and not-so-local politicians. The “regeneration programme” actually means “building as many houses as we can possibly get away with on the airfield site, and then selling them for as much as we can get”.

If the word “sustainable” is mentioned lots and lots of times, the chances are better for the plan to succeed.

And then the proceeds from the major new housing development will be pocketed, with some minor concessions that some of the money will be spent on improving the historic airfield features, such as the listed (though now dilapidated) hangars.

Most local people believe that once the proposed new housing estate is built there will then be an end to flying on the historic airfield site.

Never mind the Red Devils, I expect that all aviators and parachutists will find it a bit tricky to land near the new housing estate after the “regeneration”.

Phil Edmonds, Ford