I WISH to congratulate the residents of Durrington for their commitment and help with lobbying all the parties involved with the proposal to build 540 Service Families Accommodation (SFA) houses next to Netheravon Road in Durrington.

It is now planned to build the new houses to the north west of Stonehenge Golf Centre next to the existing SFA. Achieving this uturn shows that the public voice has been listened to and democracy can work. Well done.

Cllr Graham Wright, Durrington and Larkhill

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the friends of St Andrew’s School and the River Bourne Community Farm in Laverstock for holding a barn dance on Friday, May 9.

After a ploughman's supper the whole barn was up ready to dance - it was great fun and I hope they intend to do many more.

Marianne Mortimer, Laverstock

THANK you to all those who helped at and supported Save the Children's soup lunch at St Thomas's Rooms last Friday.

A total of £160 was raised to help change and save children's lives.

There is a lunch each Friday in support of various charities. Drop in, dine and support a good cause.

Su Lycett Save the Children, Salisbury Branch

STRANDED at Amesbury's busiest crossing on Friday, I feared a long wait for the assistance service to rescue my broken car, but within minutes a very kind man stopped, hitched me to his Land Rover and shortly afterwards I was being towed along London Road to Hideaway Garage.

A little wait and Hideaway's William gave me a lift home.

Many heartfelt thanks to you guys - you're every one a star.

Tony Prantl, Durrington