New supermarket will not encourage more business

9:38am Thursday 22nd May 2014

THE letter in the Journal about the Sainsbury’s development made complete sense (Postbag, May 8).

Many agree about the unsuitability of the road system – and the obvious impact the superstore would have.

Lower footfall to other outlets there should act as a cautionary note.

A visit to the Red Lion to view the plans revealed the solution.

Apparently a larger roundabout at the Tesco junction would solve the problem. How?

The developers also maintain the store would not impact on the flood plain. Another amazing explanation was given – building on stilts.

Why would they do that unless they had acknowledged that there was the possibility of flooding.

We all know what the spring weather was like. Can we really be sure that similar rainfall is not likely in the future?

Fortunately residents are not that easily swayed. Sainsbury’s will not encourage more business. We don’t really need one of each brand.

Salisbury is already a clone town, with nineteen-plus charity shops, every brand of food/coffee stores and most other common chain stores and not much to give the city an individual identity.

Visitors come to see the cathedral then leave as there isn’t much to encourage them to stay.

Have they thought of a brainstorming session with the museum, cathedral, blue badge guides and other interested parties?

We have a wonderful history so why not exploit it further?

Faye Symington Salisbury n I AM a little alarmed to note that a councillor has been actively endorsing and assisting with a petition against the siting of a supermarket.

Of course his views and opinion of the suitability of such a site are his own and, in our country, his freedom to express such concerns are sacrosanct.

However, it is, I feel, beyond his remit as a councillor to actively persuade and ask people to petition against something which he, at some point, must debate in council.

People signing the petition may be signing the petition for reasons other than the suitability, or otherwise, of the site. They may be very pro or anti one supermarket or another.

Surely any member of a council or committee should have no part in anything which may or may not be based on fairness and the rights and wrongs of the actual merit or otherwise of the case.

Brian Ford, Salisbury


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