I READ with interest Cllr Tom Corbin's letter regarding transport and, aside from falling over laughing when I read "Labour Party" and "carefully managed to prevent cost overruns"

in the same sentence, I would suggest John Glen MP is not missing the point when he asks for a stance on the Stonehenge tunnel option.

On the contrary, he has nailed his colours to the mast and has asked for his political opponent to do the same.

The letter suggests support for a by-pass but doesn't come down against the tunnel option either and I'm afraid one cannot criticise another's position without expressing an opinion of one’s own.

Likewise with regards to the funding competition between Stonehenge and the HS2 rail link, when it comes to the crunch sides have to be taken.

There may ultimately not be funding enough for both, or either in the current state of affairs, but at least our current MP is supporting local residents over those of Birmingham and Manchester, which is precisely what he should be doing.

Sven Hocking, Salisbury city councillor St Martin's and Cathedral