IF the satirical novelist Tom Sharpe was alive and thinking of writing a new novel about an English city that had lost it’s head he would be able to save hours of research by simply reading a few editions of your newspaper.

The plethora of ridiculous recent decisions by local councillors and ideas for the city would have readers rolling around with laughter.

He couldn’t make it up to be funnier.

If only it wasn’t true and likely to affect the citizens of Salisbury for generations to come it might be a laughing matter.

Building a new supermarket on a flood plain on an arterial road already congested; selling off the purpose built police station with no sensible immediate plan of replacing it and all its requirements, which will mean using a custody suite in the opposite corner of the county; selling off the central coach and car park necessitating the consideration of moving coaches into a car park in the city centre; allowing the central bus station to close, utilising valuable extra parking space at the already crowded railway station.

The list goes on and on.

Robin Wrigley, Verwood

I HAVE a solution to the current discussions on the proposed new supermarket that is clearly not welcome in Southampton Road, and at the same time a useful idea to spruce up the Maltings area which developers seem to think needs more shops, wait for it...build Sainsbury’s in the Maltings.

Oh, it’s already there?

Well, that’s good, just use the money they clearly have to make it better, add on free parking and a fuel station.

Result: everyone happy.

And leave the coaches where they are.

Vicky Postlethwaite, Salisbury