I UNDERSTAND the concerns raised by Lynn MacLachlan in her letter about the restricted access being proposed for roads around the Harnham schools (Postbag, May 15).

Juggling work with family is never going to be easy, especially if work is in Southampton and time is at a premium. I note that Mrs MacLachlan enjoys walking with her son on her day off so he is obviously at an age when he is capable of walking the distance. Would this be the right time to consider setting up a ‘walking bus’ from the Harvard Heights/Ridings Mead area?

It can be the solution for busy parents and works successfully in many places across the country.

Parents share the job of ‘driver’ and ‘conductor’, the children wear fluorescent jackets, full training is given and all leaders are CRB checked.

Wiltshire Council’s road safety unit will give all the advice you need and the route to school from Harvard Heights is already an approved Walking Bus route.

Many parents are naturally reluctant to hand the responsibility over to others, but getting to know other parents in your area and building up trust and confidence can overcome this barrier.

It removes the stress for working parents and children enjoy walking with friends.

It can help solve the problems of congestion, air pollution and safety at the school gates.

Pam Rouquette, Harnham