I AM not normally one to put pen to paper but I have just read the letters discussing the plans to build a new superstore out on the Southampton Road (Postbag, May 29).

I wondered if the planners and/or the supermarket giants, ie Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, etc, have ever given consideration to us poor folks living to the west of Salisbury.

The Southampton Road chaos is one to be missed, unless essential purchases force you that way. Surely a decent superstore in the Wilton area would be more advantageous?

There is the park and ride at Wilton so we could shop in Salisbury and then return to the car to complete our food shopping on the way home.

With the new build on the old UKLF site, Wilton town, villages and also Fugglestone Red residents, they would have a supply of customers.

It is a shame that we are being encouraged to shop in Dorset with cheaper or free parking when Salisbury has so much to offer.

Lynn Strange, Tisbury