STANHOPE'S plans for the Maltings do now include coach drop-off and pick-up facilities.

Whether tourists arriving by coach and the coach operators will find the proposals as attractive as the current set-up remains a key question.

It would be unfortunate if Salisbury were to lose tourist trade to other destinations that can provide quicker and easier access arrangements for coaches.

There is also the matter of increased coach movements around the city.

The Salisbury Vision has an aspiration to minimise the number of traffic movements circulating or travelling through the city centre to help provide a safe environment free from the negative effects of traffic and pollution.

Coaches dropping off in the Maltings and then proceeding to a longer term parking facility at Britford park and ride before returning to the Maltings later for pick-up will clearly increase coach mileage compared to the current situation.

Has the impact of this proposed change on traffic congestion and air quality on the ring road and in the city been assessed?

The revised Phase 1 Strategy for the Maltings presented by Stanhope to the Salisbury Area Board in May shows the Millstream Coach Park area being developed as 'restaurants'.

Given the current trend from retail to restaurants in the city centre the question must arise as to whether further restaurants at this location would impact on the vitality of the historic city centre.

Does Salisbury need a new area of eating establishments more than it needs its coach park?

Margaret Willmot, Salisbury City Councillor Fisherton & Bemerton Village Ward

IF Brown Street is going to become a coach park then it's important to local businesses that Culver Street is promoted as a shoppers' car park .

Perhaps it being that little bit further from the centre of town explains why it's always been less popular in the past.

Keen pricing will help.

How about £1 for the first two hours? And say £1 an hour after that ?

And let's do what is generally considered best practice for car parks that are designed to support the high street - make it pay on return.

That way visitors can chose to stay longer in our city without going back to their cars to buy another ticket.

And that way no one ever receives a parking ticket for over staying, which is so much more welcoming.

Peter Beck, Salisbury Antiques Market