AT the beginning of July, I accidentally left my walking stick on a bench in The Maltings.

I had only walked as far as Gregg’s (less than one minute away). Though I was very “wobbly” I managed to walk back to retrieve it, but it had gone.

A young man from Balfour Beatty had just sat down on a nearby bench and was having his lunch break.

He noticed my distress, and immediately offered to walk with me to Lloyds chemist, in the hope of buying a replacement stick. There was nothing suitable. He then insisted on accompanying me to Nelson’s.

Again, no luck. He had given up his entire lunch break to help me, so I asked him his name: James Wilson.

I would like to thank him publicly, and I hope his supervisor, Graham Sellwood, will acknowledge this kind act.

The person who took my stick should be thoroughly ashamed. One doesn’t use one for fun.

Anna Paola