A FEW weeks ago, my wife struck a very large pothole on the main A30, just after Lopcombe Corner heading towards Stockbridge.

It caused irreparable damage to a new £150 tyre, so we attempted to make a claim against Hampshire County Council, as it is just inside Hampshire.

Would you believe that the road was inspected just three days before the incident?

The 1.5m by 1m pothole, however, with big lumps of loose asphalt and a selection of other casualty vehicle detritus around it, was ‘not noted’.

If that is not strange enough, the pothole was reported to the council at 5.37pm, the very evening before my wife hit it, and because our ‘incident’ was within 24 hours of it being reported, they are not liable.

I wonder if anyone else has suffered such a fantastic series of coincidences in their quest for compensation.

Chris White