AMESBURY property developer and landlord, Andy Rhind-Tutt is mired in controversy.

This time over the over the future of Amesbury Museum (Journal, July 10).

Now he is at loggerheads with the town council. Somewhat embarrassingly Mr Rhind-Tutt is himself a councillor and a former mayor.

He is also chairman of the original trust set up to run the museum, now called the Amesbury History Centre.

The council bought the building before the dispute but has now fallen out with Mr Rhind-Tutt and deposed the trust. It now runs the museum with volunteer help and input from the Amesbury Society.

The council wants a transfer of monies earmarked for museum to be given to the trust to use. We hear several large donors to the trust have asked for their unspent money back if it is not handed over for improvements to the history centre.

Some Amesbury residents believe that the museum was in some ways Cllr Rhind-Tutt's vanity project and that he is now acting like a spoilt child who has had his toys confiscated. councillors Williams and Noeken are right to demand that the funds be transferred as soon as possible.

It is a mess and important questions need to be asked of Cllr Rhind-Tutt and the trust.

Tim Hughes