THOSE of us involved in Sarum Concern for Israel/Palestine (a few of whose signatures appear below) have been much troubled in the last two weeks over the violence and the loss of life and property in Gaza. With those from Salisbury Stop the War, we were pleased to have the opportunity to share our concern outside Salisbury Library on Saturday last (and could be there again this coming Saturday at noon). Where do we stand as a group in this situation? In no way do we condone the behaviour of militants on either side. But until Israel ends its occupation of Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza) there can be no lasting peace for Israeli or Palestinian. We need to stand alongside the oppressed, to pray for the justice which will bring peace and for the peace which will bring about the reconciliation that values all.

To this end we hope to hold a public vigil shortly. For further details, please call 01722 349740.

The Revd Jeremy and Angela Ames, Revd Pat Clegg, Revd Catherine Dyer, Carry Gloyns, Barbara Hickman, Robina Hattersly, Dr Graham Jagger and Dr Christine Wood, Joanna Nicholson, Michael Pozner and Valerie Jackson, Heather and Jim Platt, Jenny Walker, Salisbury