UNTIL December 2013 I was an employee of the NHS for 24 years, having to resign due to breaking my hip in October 2012.

After being left for one year I was told it had not fully healed, so I got referred by my consultant to a specialist hospital in Oxford.

I attended there in December 2013 and due to lack of funding I am still waiting to get another operation on my hip. They don’t see me staggering around on two sticks or crawling upstairs or pumping myself with painkillers on a daily basis. I feel totally let down by the service I have received. I don’t blame the staff as I know they work under extreme pressure, it is all down to money. It’s a disgrace.

What on earth is happening to the health service? I’m so disgusted with the way I have been treated.

Geraldine Ann Roper Salisbury