ABOUT two months ago a large heavy goods vehicle wrote off a bus shelter in Downton during the night.

This was situated on the south side of the roundabout with Batten Road.

Although the electricity supply to the lights etc was made safe, the remains including all the glass etc is still at the site. This, I feel, is totally unacceptable and should have been dealt with at the time.

If this had occurred in Trowbridge, this would not be the case but, as Downton is situated on the wrong side of the great divide and is nearly in Hampshire, this is a far flung part of Jane Scott’s great empire. I am not sure she is aware of our existence. When the county borders were altered, it would seem that if Salisbury had become a part of Hampshire, at least we would have a local authority administered locally and not remotely from miles away.

Does the remote local authority intend to let this situation carry on until someone falls over the debirs and is seriously injured?

I am surprised that health and safety has not seen fit to get something done about it.

Geoff Ridler Downton