I HAVE followed with interest the letters about the deer at London Road cemetery.

It would seem that the council is still debating what to do about the issue and is investigating the cost of removal/fencing/culling.

I wonder if the council members are aware that there have been deer living in the cemetery for at least 30 years? I first saw a deer in the cemetery back in 1984 while tending the grave of my late father. When I reported what I had seen to friends and family, nobody believed me.

It seems to me that if the deer have been living there for 30 years, one has to ask the question what real harm have they done except eat a few flowers? Snails do this all the time. I would say leave them be. I would have thought Salisbury City Council could find much better ways of spending its money, such as directing some towards tree maintenance.

Recently a beautiful white blossom tree was felled in Denison Rise while in full bloom. Some of the local residents were reduced to tears and the contractor who had been hired to do the work told me that he had received all sorts of abuse. More importantly, he told me the tree could have been saved had the council spent a small amount of money on tree maintenance.

On a plot that was once home to three beautiful mature trees, only one now remains and its future is in jeopardy. I have made inquiries of both councils and was told in no uncertain terms by Wiltshire Council that it has absolutely no money for tree maintenance for the whole of Wiltshire.

I have also approached my local councillor to look into the matter, even offering to pay the sum for tree maintenance myself if it saves this beautiful tree. So far I have had no response.

Can you imagine our grass verges, roundabouts and indeed Bishopdown estate without any trees?

Paula Elliott, Salisbury