ON Friday we went shopping in Tesco on Southampton Road in Salisbury.

My husband Ken tried to put air in his tyre, but the valve snapped.

Ken is registered as disabled now and finds it hard to accept he can’t do the things he used to. He set about trying to change the wheel but was having great difficulty.

A lady I believe is called Tina who works at Tesco came across and asked if he was OK and if he needed assistance she was just across the road. Ken went into the garage and tried to get a wheel brace which they don’t stock, but a man came and helped Ken, using his own, but it wasn’t strong enough so we went to Halfords to get a stronger one.

This man stayed and helped Ken as he struggles to get his breath now. Then the heavens opened and it poured down and Ken and the man got soaked. Sadly we didn’t get this man’s name and he would not take money for helping.

God sends his angels to help and he did that day. God bless these two angels and thank you. God bless the city of angels, Salisbury. Thank you for your hard work, you’re a wonderful team.

Josie Smith,

Shipton Bellinger