I WAS quite surprised to read your front page story about Wilts and Dorset letting a small child off at the wrong stop, mainly because this is not the first time it's happened.

Several years ago much the same thing happened to my son. It was the St Osmund’s to Bemerton Heath school bus, and my son was missing for over half an hour. The bus had taken the wrong route despite the driver being informed of this and he turfed my son off the bus on the opposite side of the estate whilst I was waiting at the correct stop.

My son is significantly affected by high functioning autism and this incident left quite an impression on him. Despite it being reported to the school, the local authority and Wilts and Dorset I did not even receive so much as an apology or acknowledge-ment of the incident from the bus company.

It is very bad form that they did not learn from their mistake and have repeated it. I hope Cullen's mother gets a better response and they are able to take steps to prevent it happening again.

Jody Huxley,