Despite asking some time ago, Wiltshire Council is unable or unwilling to provide me with a list of members’ expenses, and allowances.

I find it totally amazing that they don’t know who their highest earners are, and just how much our elected members are costing us.

On the subject of members, I must ask do we really need 98 members of the council?

This is far more members than back in the 80s when I was first elected. The council included Swindon in those days. I think we only had just over 60 members and the council ran well, so I fail to see why we need 98 members now.

Over the past few years Wiltshire Council has lost hundreds of staff, and seen many vital services axed.

Isn’t it about time councillors took their hit and reduced the numbers in our ranks?

Councillor Terry Chivers

Independent Councillor Melksham Without North