WE would like to take the opportunity to thank the volunteers at St. Thomas’s Church, Salisbury and the Band of St. John the Baptist, Tisbury for their wonderful performance at the free concert held at St. Thomas’s Church on Saturday afternoon, one of many such fundraising events for charity held over the past few weeks.

In this particular case money was raised in aid of Alabaré Christian Care and Support who are a large growing charity across the country and provide support for many people in the Salisbury area.

It is also worthy of note that Alabaré has recently committed to ensuring its staff are all paid the living wage which is something that we as Labour councillors are very passionate about given Salisbury's high cost of living relative to very low average wages. We actively encourage all employers to consider making the necessary changes to adopt the living wage.

Cllr Caroline Corbin and Cllr Tom Corbin

Salisbury Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate