THE manner in which both the Football Association and the Football Conference has treated Salisbury City Football Club over the past few months is nothing short of shameful, with the final denouement coming on Wednesday when, with no disrespect to The Sydenhams Wessex League, despite an apparent endorsement from the FA, the league simply stuck up the proverbial two fingers to the Whites belatedly joining the division.

Yes, the club was in a bit of a mess and needed a cash injection from a fairy godfather, but they never got it.

Otail Touzar clearly never had any real interest in the club and has continued to show nothing but a total lack of interest for all things regarding Salisbury City. What did he honestly believe he was buying into? How did he ever get through the FA’s rules? And why does he continually show nothing but contempt for the authorities, to say nothing of the judicial process that we have under English law?

Did he even pay off the club’s debts that he assumed?

David Linsay