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Gaza – faults on both sides

9:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

YOUR correspondent, Margaret Duncan, expressed her dismay at what she saw as my “non-committal” position on Gaza (Postbag August 7). I am morally opposed to the intentional killing of civilians, to disproportionate military response, and to violations of international law. Any loss of civilian life is a deeply regrettable tragedy and is an imperative for a ceasefire. I am also clear that Israel has a right of national self-defence.

Buses already catered for

9:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

THE citizens of Salisbury already have a purpose-built coach station which handles National Express, tourist coaches and country buses only 50 seconds from the inner relief road. Why should we be asked, through our extremely high council taxes, to pay for another coach facility in Brown Street due to the incompetence of some Trowbridge bureaucrat who included our current coach station in the Maltings redevelopment?

Good to be back on the Avon boardwalk

9:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

I HAVE to just mention, it was a pleasure to walk along the Avon boardwalk once again.

City not what it used to be

9:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

OVER the years I have noticed on return to Salisbury the difference in the upkeep of the city and surrounding suburbs.

Bins left in a very bad way

9:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

BIG, fat, wriggling, white maggots. Lots of them. And the smell. Excuse me while I try to keep my stomach contents in place… Our bin men should not have to work in these conditions. It is an absolute disgrace. How can anyone think that only collecting household waste once every two weeks is acceptable, especially in the hot summer months?

Shrewton players show their class

9:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

I AM sure the supporters of Salisbury City FC will join me in expressing their gratitude to the players of Shrewton who, at very short notice, stepped up to provide the Whites with a friendly match and a worthwhile training opportunity.

Market Place looking a mess

Salisbury Journal:

9:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

HAS anyone seen the filthy state the Market Place is in?

Elixir of Love wonderful and so entertaining

Salisbury Journal:

9:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

I WOULD just like to take a moment to rave about Winterbourne Opera.

Lack of choice for tenants leaves a sour taste

9:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

A SO-CALLED annual meeting of the Salisbury Tenants’ Panel on July 28 was asked by the chairman John Todman to sign a voting slip supporting the discontinuing of the panel.

Stooks are such a very welcome sight to many

Salisbury Journal:

9:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

I WONDER if I may add a few words relating to the making hay photo in the Salisbury Journal on August 7.

Appointment should be beneficial to young folk

10:04am Thursday 7th August 2014

WHILE the reaction to the appointment of the Dstl deputy chief executive Dr Pete Thompson as the UTC’s chairman (UTC appointment 24/7/14) has been overwhelmingly positive, I am aware from comments on the Journal website that some local residents still have concerns about our link to the defence and protective science industries.

MP’s own view deeply concerning

10:10am Thursday 7th August 2014

JOHN Glen’s View from the Commons in last week’s Journal was, if I may quote his term, deeply concerning.

Does anyone know of Rifleman Read?

10:08am Thursday 7th August 2014

I AM researching names engraved on the war memorial at Longparish, near Andover, of those who fell in the Great War.

Insects conspicuous by their absence on trees

10:09am Thursday 7th August 2014

IS there any connection between the massive monoculture of oilseed rape and the absence of aphids on the lime and sycamore trees and consequent dry, clean and utterly empty tree canopies, including that of oak trees?

Only one option makes sense for fire service

10:06am Thursday 7th August 2014

THE debate over the future of Wiltshire and Swindon Fire and Rescue Service rumbles on. Readers may well remember that the case for a proposed merger with Dorset Fire Service is the only option that can save the £3.9million that the coalition government is demanding.

Be careful of pedestrians

10:11am Thursday 7th August 2014

TO all those people who live and visit our city, please, please will you stop and think when crossing our roads?

Why coach plan could avert tourism disaster

10:03am Thursday 7th August 2014

I HAVE been actively involved with much of the Brown Street debate and there is wide cross party support for Brown St to be used for coach parking.

Take part in this year’s butterfly count

9:00am Thursday 31st July 2014

THE long, hot days of summer are when many of us head for our parks and open spaces. One warm afternoon recently I went along to Harnham recreation ground to find out whether the swathe of wildflowers planted there by the city council were attracting any butterflies.

Plentiful pigeons polarise points of view

Salisbury Journal:

9:00am Thursday 31st July 2014

I WAS very disappointed and saddened by the intolerance and lack of sensitivity clearly displayed by contributors to the article in last week’s Journal by Annie Riddle, proposing a cull etc. on the city’s pigeon population.

Traffic scheme could be fraught with difficulties

9:00am Thursday 31st July 2014

THE Pilot Traffic Scheme at St Ann’s Gate, scheduled to start on Monday is, in our opinion, potentially dangerous to life and as such we are both very much against it.

Can you help find pictures?

9:00am Thursday 31st July 2014

I AM hoping I can find someone with old Beal photos.

Car charging point query

Salisbury Journal:

9:00am Thursday 31st July 2014

I NOTICE that fairly recently an electric car charging point has been installed into Brown Street Car Park.

Bus error is not the first

9:00am Thursday 31st July 2014

I WAS quite surprised to read your front page story about Wilts and Dorset letting a small child off at the wrong stop, mainly because this is not the first time it's happened.

Angels come in all forms

9:00am Thursday 31st July 2014

ON Friday we went shopping in Tesco on Southampton Road in Salisbury.

Police those cyclists

9:00am Thursday 31st July 2014

I WRITE with reference to the total disregard it would appear that cyclists have for cars and other motor vehicles on the road.

Crafty canoe capers

Salisbury Journal:

9:00am Thursday 31st July 2014

I WAS interested to read the article referring to the new punts which will operate from Grasmere Hotel in Harnham (Journal, July 17).

Bigger issues than deer to contend with

Salisbury Journal:

10:50am Thursday 24th July 2014

I HAVE followed with interest the letters about the deer at London Road cemetery.

Do not overthink where to put facilities for police

10:52am Thursday 24th July 2014

WELCOME to Salisbury’s newest Police station, Bourne Hill. Well welcome if you know where and how to get in!

No effort made to clear debris

10:49am Thursday 24th July 2014

ABOUT two months ago a large heavy goods vehicle wrote off a bus shelter in Downton during the night.

Let down by lack of funds

10:48am Thursday 24th July 2014

UNTIL December 2013 I was an employee of the NHS for 24 years, having to resign due to breaking my hip in October 2012.

Bring an end to violence

10:47am Thursday 24th July 2014

THOSE of us involved in Sarum Concern for Israel/Palestine (a few of whose signatures appear below) have been much troubled in the last two weeks over the violence and the loss of life and property in Gaza. With those from Salisbury Stop the War, we were pleased to have the opportunity to share our concern outside Salisbury Library on Saturday last (and could be there again this coming Saturday at noon). Where do we stand as a group in this situation? In no way do we condone the behaviour of militants on either side. But until Israel ends its occupation of Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza) there can be no lasting peace for Israeli or Palestinian. We need to stand alongside the oppressed, to pray for the justice which will bring peace and for the peace which will bring about the reconciliation that values all.

Praise for Amesbury Suite

10:51am Thursday 24th July 2014

I RECENTLY had a total hip replacement under the care of Mr Sampalli and his team at Salisbury District Hospital.

Market was a great success

11:29am Thursday 17th July 2014

WELL done to the organisers of the teenage market; it was really good.

Gratitude for your support

11:29am Thursday 17th July 2014

I AM writing on behalf of the independent businesses of Salisbury to say a big thank you to all those who supported Salisbury's third Independents' Week.

Many thanks...

11:28am Thursday 17th July 2014

ON Tuesday, June 3 I fell and broke my hip near Waitrose car park.

Museum’s money troubles

11:27am Thursday 17th July 2014

AMESBURY property developer and landlord, Andy Rhind-Tutt is mired in controversy.

Coincidences with potholes

11:27am Thursday 17th July 2014

A FEW weeks ago, my wife struck a very large pothole on the main A30, just after Lopcombe Corner heading towards Stockbridge.

Have you lost a bike?

11:25am Thursday 17th July 2014

I FOUND a ladies’ bicycle on Friday, June 27 and have had no luck in finding the owner.

Magna Carta corrections

11:26am Thursday 17th July 2014

I WAS very pleased to be able to share my thoughts with your readers in last week’s Journal about the relevance of Magna Carta today.

In brief...

11:24am Thursday 17th July 2014

WE are arranging a reunion for anyone who worked at Edwards Brothers Garage in Castle Street, Salisbury between 1950 and 1970. The reunion will be held at Harnham Sports & Social Club, Parsonage Green on Thursday, July 24 at 7.30pm.

Walking stick was gone

11:23am Thursday 17th July 2014

AT the beginning of July, I accidentally left my walking stick on a bench in The Maltings.

Disappointment over teddy bear jump

11:21am Thursday 17th July 2014

WHAT great disappointment must have been felt on July 5 by the many children looking forward to the teddy bear parachute jump in the Cathedral Close.

Roundabout jungle

11:22am Thursday 17th July 2014

SO the Countess Roundabout is a bit of a jungle (or wildlife haven - depends on your viewpoint).

No easy way to deal with deer problem

Salisbury Journal:

11:21am Thursday 17th July 2014

THANK you for the discussion in last week's Journal about the deer in the cemetery and crematorium.

Fire service future needs a clear sense of direction

11:03am Thursday 17th July 2014

THE local and regional media have recently reported contrasting views on the future of Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service from James Gray MP and Councillor Graham Payne, pictured right.

Cats making a mess of gardens is wrong

10:26am Thursday 10th July 2014

CAN any cat owner explain to me why they think it is all right to let their cats dig up other people’s gardens?

Clean up Stonehenge roads

Salisbury Journal:

10:25am Thursday 10th July 2014

I AM writing with regards to the Countess roundabout.

Fire merger could bring complications

10:24am Thursday 10th July 2014

CLLR Peter Edge has neglected to declare his interest in the Wiltshire/Dorset Fire merger (Journal, July 3).

Investing to create much improved housing choice

Salisbury Journal:

10:22am Thursday 10th July 2014

I refer to Cllr Ian Tomes’s letter concerning council housing in south Wiltshire (Postbag, July 3). I would like to correct some of his statements, which I believe are misleading:

Many thanks

10:20am Thursday 10th July 2014

THE poetry workshop that was held on June 21 at Salisbury Arts Centre went well. Many thanks to Doris West for organising it, and thanks to Rose Flint for tutoring it.


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