REFERENCE “Developers hope to allay fears over store plan” (Journal, January 2). One point I would like to query and especially in view of the recent and forthcoming predicted rainfall is the developers’ answer regarding the concern over flood risk in the area.

The developers say that “flood risk in the area will be adequately alleviated by the natural wetland area and by tanks being put in under the store to ensure heavy rain is gradually fed into the nearby River Avon”.

Rivers cause flooding when their banks burst, so what happens if all this excess water which is at present lying in the flooded marsh area of the proposed site is pushed into the river from the proposed tanks and causes the A36 to flood from the river? Is it not time to think about leaving water meadows for the purpose for which they are there?

A second point is regarding the store site, which again has been addressed by public concern. Why another store when there is already a Lidl and a Tesco superstore and nothing in Wilton Road? It will bring even more traffic onto the already congested A36.

I did attend the public viewing of the proposed site at the Red Lion hotel last year when the public were able to speak with the developer’s representatives and also to leave comments. I asked about building on Wilton Road and the answer I received was that this site on the A36 is the only site available.