AS the Environment Agency wins notoriety for its efforts to establish a vast wildlife sanctuary on the Somerset Levels, I wonder what plans Wiltshire Council has for its new pond in the western underpass, at Castle Roundabout, linking Castle Road and Nelson Road to the city in the south and west, and out to the 'suburbs' to the north?

Far be it from me to belittle the sufferings of those poor souls flooded on the Levels, but in actual terms of lives put at instant risk, Salisbury's new pond is probably more dangerous. The 'pond' has been there some weeks now. Granted it is now marked up and blocked off for the safety of the unwary but even that took three days to accomplish.

Fishing? Can we have carp in it; an underground goldfish pond; perhaps even a water splash for those daring senior citizens in self-propelled wheelchairs?

But I am out of order - this is no matter for idle jesting. Do something, Wiltshire Council.

Go and look at it. Have a paddle. Or explain yourselves with a disclaimer on a couple of laminated posters?

Of course, you could drain it.

Tom Ridout, Salisbury