OVER the last few weeks, since the closure of the bus station in Salisbury, this is the view that we see almost every day from our office window.

Blue Boar Row traffic is grinding to a halt because the buses pulling up outside Lloyds pharmacy are blocking the road.

This soon causes tailbacks into Castle Street, causing frustration or all those entering the city centre.

The drivers on their breaks seem oblivious to the fact that their bus needs to be pulled forward correctly into the bay so the back end of the bus isn’t sticking out and blocking the road. This can go on for up to five minutes.

The other day we witnessed a Woodfalls bus blocking the road again, until the long queue of paying passengers were seated.

We are not sure of the reason for the bus station closure but surely there must be a better alternative to this Wiltshire/Salisbury councils?

What if an emergency services vehicle needed to get through the gridlocked traffic?

And we’re sure it will only be a few more weeks before cars lose patience and drive across the Market Place to overtake a bus.

The team at Five Rivers Recruitment, Cross Keys House, Salisbury 

I READ, with a sinking feeling of déjà vu, that the city council is preparing to spend an estimated £10,000 on a feasibility study to see whether their taking over responsibility for, and re-opening of, the now closed Salisbury Bus Station is a viable option.

Surely this should have been done before a decision to spend £100,000 on bus lay-over bays and extra bus stops all over the city (which caused, and continues to cause, major disruption to the general public, shopkeepers and tourists) and after agreement from the bus company that they will use the bus station (if it is reopened) for the start and finish of journeys other than the local loop services.

Looking at this latest commitment of tax revenue, one could be forgiven for thinking that it is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, or in this case the bus.

Lest we forget, there are more pressing calls on the city’s purse. Great swathes of the city and surrounding countryside, such as the newly landscaped Queen Elizabeth Gardens, are still or have been under water and our roads are riddled with potholes.

The city council should realise that the people of Salisbury will lose confidence in them if they make decisions which seem to disregard prudence, financial priorities, planning and the ability to anticipate potential problems and put in safeguards.

If the sort of things we see in Salisbury were to go on in businesses, they would have gone bust years ago.

S Smith, Salisbury

FURTHER to the announcement that Salisbury City Council has decided to appoint a private company to run a feasibility study on the bus station to the tune of £10,000, aren’t they capable of doing it themselves in house?

Are our planning teams merely capable of reading other people’s reports?

Surely nobody would be more acquainted with the idea than the council.

Secondly, as a major cost cutting exercise right across the county, how about disbanding County Hall and decentralising power to each major town in the county with defined areas around them for their responsibility.

At least that way Salisbury might get to manage its own affairs and the county would be considerably better off.

Just a thought.

Robin Wrigley, Verwood