THE plans for the police station following the closure of the Wilton Road police station seem to be programmed to fail.

The officers will be fragmented over three different sites with no custody suite within easy reach.

If they arrest someone for being drunk and disorderly, or just being abusive towards the police, they will no longer have the option of locking them up to cool off, as the few cells at Melksham will have to be reserved for more serious cases.

Also, if someone is taken to Melksham and found to be suffering from a mental or other illness are they then going to have to bring them back to Fountain Way or Salisbury District Hospital?

If someone is de-arrested in Melksham, how are they then supposed to get back to Salisbury?

Finally, I was speaking to a Salisbury lawyer this week who said it would not be viable to drive to Melksham to interview people and that he for one will not be making the trip.

Peter Gray, Salisbury