ON Monday evening I took great pleasure in sitting in on a performance organised by Salisbury Playhouse and Salisbury Coalition against Racism (SCAR).

The performance in the Playhouse’s Salberg studio was by a group of BTEC performing arts students who recounted seven stories about people who had managed to survive holocausts of both recent times in Rwanda and Bosnia and, of course, the survivors of the Nazi concentration camps of the Second World War.

The play reminded us all of the horrors of how people can behave towards one another, segregating a group of people from society.

SCAR is a small group that works to raise awareness and celebrate the diverse nature of Salisbury by bringing people together in the community.

A follow-up event is being held at Salisbury Guildhall on June 28.

To find out more go to scar.org.uk.

A big thank you to the staff and BTEC arts students at the Playhouse and, of course, to SCAR.

Cllr Tom Corbin, Salisbury City Council