AS a county councillor in 1991, I and the Mayor Kay Cooper stressed the urgent need to support proposals to improve the Victoria Park facilities, if there was to be any prospect of Salisbury City FC retaining or improving its status.

Come 2014, with excellent facilities, a highly regarded young manager and a first rate group of players we are facing the same situation.

This time it is due to a lack of support.

Two thousand supporters went to support Salisbury in the third round of the FA cup at Sheffield United only two years ago.

Where are the majority of those now?

Salisbury as a football league team is a reality. We have to ask do even those who have shown support want it?

If something is a deterrent, it would at least be helpful for the football club to know what it is. I have issues that concern me and I will be directing those to the board.

However, I do go to the games. I urge people at least to put pen to paper rather than just moan.

Gregor Condliffe, Salisbury

WHAT is wrong with Salisbury people?

At Salisbury City FC matches you get good, exciting football, and they are near to the playoffs.

But the crowds are pathetic and going down.

I hope Salisbury City gets bigger crowds, because the manager, players and the board all deserve better.

Les Barnes, Trowbridge

I WRITE with regards to Mikey Harris and Will Puddy's comments as to why people are not attending games.

I expect that it is due to the same reason as mine. I simply cannot afford it.

I would love to support my team, and am delighted as to how well they are doing, but when it can cost around £25 (one adult, one child and parking) it cannot be justified when the cost of living for essentials is so high.

I am not surprised that so many people have had to cut this cost.

Food and bills vs football match - no choice.

J Bradford, Salisbury