IN these days when it seems fashionable to complain, find someone else to blame or even sue (the ambulance was late, give me money) maybe a word of gratitude and praise would not go amiss.

In Charlton All Saints we lost our electricity at 10.15pm last Friday.

I reported this to the free telephone number for SSE Power Distribution at 8.20am on Saturday and was answered by intelligent, helpful, courteous and willing human beings – not just a recorded message following hours of Vivaldi or pop.

I mentioned that my wife and I are both in our 80s and that I am a registered disabled war pensioner. The response was, in the present circumstances, magnificent.

Power was restored at 2.30pm on Sunday, and after that an engineer called in person at our door to ensure we were all right.

In the course of the evening we had two phone calls from SSE to check up on us. One call was made by the lady I had spoken to earlier who said she was personally checking on one of her customers.

This was morale boosting, encouraging and wonderful service and I have written to SSE to say so.

Denis Blake, Charlton All Saints