LAST year, on May 15, I fell off a ladder and landed headfirst, which caused me to have a slight bleed in my head. Because of this I had a few fits in the ambulance on the way to Southampton General Hospital.

The seizures meant I had to hand in my driving licence to the DVLA. I am a lucky chap and I have had no further fits and, in due course, applied for the return of my precious driving licence.

All drivers please note: wear a crash helmet even if only taking a couple of steps off the ground because you too could learn just how difficult and obstinately frustrating the DVLA medical department can be.

I was at my wits end and did not know what to do.

I decided to go to MP John Glen’s Friday surgery to see if he could help me to resolve the situation. Two weeks later my licence was on my doormat.

Now to the point of this letter.

Whatever your politics, your member of parliament is there to help you and anyone can go to an MPs’ surgery to try to get help with a difficult personal problem.

Salisbury area residents are very lucky because in John Glen we have an excellent representative who listened to my problem, acted on it and achieved a very speedy result.

Thank you, John.

Jack Rouse, Amesbury