TO cheer up those who, like me, dread ringing BT to declare a fault on their landline, I must relate my good experiences recently with BT and BT Openreach.

Behind the labyrinth of options on the automated service two intelligent, persevering and humane young men were waiting.

Firstly I was very, very lucky to contact Shiv in India. After reporting the noisy interference we had endured for weeks and, intermittently, over years, Shiv handed the job to a local technical team led by Paul.

He monitored their progress, and on four different days he rang me exactly when he said he would to reassure me that help was coming. Paul, meanwhile, was up and down ladders, twisting and testing wires both where we live and at the exchange. One week to the day after my unhopeful SOS, our telephone was as clear as only a good landline can be.

Unfortunately I was unable to say goodbye or thank either of the young men but I commend them both and hope they go far.

Madeleine Dragel, Wilton

ON behalf of myself and some parents and patients, I would like to say goodbye and best wishes to two people who are leaving their current jobs.

Firstly, the headteacher of Pembroke Park Primary School, John Wells, who has been a fantastic asset to the school. He has transformed the school, bringing it up to a very high level and achieving academy status.

He will be hugely missed by the children and their parents, and we wish him good luck and all the best for the future.

And secondly, to Dr Timothy Markey of Harcourt Medical Centre. He is a wonderful doctor who greets every patient with a smile, regardless of how many people he has seen.

He will be no doubt be sorely missed by his patients. We all we wish him the very best for the future and hope he enjoys his retirement.

Cllr Atiqul Hoque, St Francis and Stratford Ward, Salisbury

MAY I thank the very kind and honest person travelling on the R6 bus to Laverstock recently who found my husband’s wallet and handed it in.

NK Munday, Laverstock

I WOULD like to thank the lady and gentleman who came to my rescue last Sunday morning when I fell outside the sweet shop near Marks & Spencer.

You were very kind and helpful.

Mary Walker, Salisbury

I WOULD like to say thank you to all the passers-by who offered assistance when I fell outside Lloyds Bank in Salisbury on Friday evening. I was very grateful to them all. My injuries were not serious.

Caroline Corbin, Bemerton Heath