I WENT to Salisbury Crematorium because I heard that they were grassing over the remembrance gardens.

My dad, Dennis Judd, died on April 16, 2011, and we paid £140 for the plaques and a remembrance rose to be there for 20 years.

My mother passed away in January and we had her ashes spread over the ground where my father’s ashes were.

It’s not to do with the money; it’s disrespectful to my mum and dad. Can’t they find another garden?

They said I had to pick the plaques up in the next two months or they will be discarded.

They wrote and said we could write a line in the book of condolence but that’s no good. We don’t want to sign a book; mum’s and dad’s ashes were there and we went so we could pay our respects.

It’s like the council are throwing it back in your face and disregarding any respect for the dead.

Christopher Judd, Salisbury