THE secondary school at Downton (now Trafalgar School) opened in 1965.

Prior to that children over 11 years attended the secondary modern school in Gravel Close. That building now accommodates the excellent junior school.

In April 2013 a reunion was held for those who attended the old secondary modern between 1939 and 1965 when around 100 former pupils got together and shared their memories.

You kindly contributed to the success of the event through the letters column of your newspaper.

We would like to prevail on your kindness again please by telling everyone that on Saturday, May 10 at 7.30pm we are going to repeat the experience with another reunion at Brian Whitehead Sports Club, Wick Lane, Downton.

Partners and friends also welcome.

We are looking forward to meeting old friends who were pupils or staff at the old school.

Many thanks.

Alan Byrom, Keynsham